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At Ayub Endodontics we aim to give your patients the most professional and comfortable dental experience available in the UK

Locally Based

Locally Based

We are centrally placed in Wimbledon within 10 minutes walking distance from Wimbledon mainline and underground station. This makes it easy for patients to get to us, as there are good train links from the South West. Indeed we are well connected into Central London and the North by both train and tube.

Exclusively Endondontic Practice

Exclusively Endondontic Practice

Whereas many endodontists work within a general practice setting, you will be referring your patients to a solely endodontic practice – no general dentistry is carried out at Ayub Endodontics. We guarantee that your patients will be returned back to your continuing care following the completion of their prescribed treatment.

Quick Appointments

Quick Appointments

We will endeavour to contact your patient within 24 hrs on receipt of a referral. We aim to give treatment appointments within two weeks from point of contact, so that patients can be seen quickly and efficiently.

Positive Experience

Positive Experience

At Ayub Endodontics we aim to give your patient the most professional and comfortable dental experience available in the UK. Your patient will be grateful to you for referring to Dr Ayub – an expert in the field of Endodontics!

Meet Our Endodontist

Dr Asim Ayub

Dr Asim Ayub

Dr Ayub has over 20 years of experience in Endodontics. He is considered to be one of the UK’s leading experts in the field of Endodontics

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Will the tooth need any special care or additional treatment?

You should avoid biting on the root treated tooth until you have it restored...

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